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Workshops are an intensive experience, combining the use of meditation, lectures, discussion, group exercises, and ceremony to focus on an area of teaching. We offer workshops on many different topics, including forgiveness, women’s wisdom, healing the mind & emotions, and the art of healing. Each workshop is a journey unto itself that carries the group into a powerful experience of the topic at hand. In this way, you will adopt a genuine understanding that is grounded not only in knowledge, but also in application.

We find the group experience to be highly beneficial to students as they find common ground amongst new friends. Within each group, we create an agreement of non-judgment, that all may feel free to share their process and practice new ways of being. It is an intimate circle of mirrors through which each can dispel the fog of illusion and awaken the truth within.

Our students encounter deep and sustained transformation through these classes and often use them as an adjunct to their mentoring sessions with Rebecca. Whatever you choose, each class is infused with practical tools and techniques that you can apply to your personal path and to your everyday life.

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