What is a shaman?
A shaman is a bridge between worlds— from the etheric to the skin you’re in. She has the eyes to see into the medicine you need, and the love to carry you into it.

Through my shamanic training with Madre Sarita and don Miguel Ruiz, I came to understand that faith is not only the power that heals, it is also the power that can create or recreate an imbalance. Though there are imbalances that organically arise from our body or circumstance, we often add to their weight with our beliefs and our emotional patterning. Other times, they are entirely self-created. Either way, healing the mental and the emotional channels is an essential key to manifesting and sustaining any transformation.

My healing work focuses on clearing the emotional and mental channels that feed or deplete one’s physical and spiritual energy, releasing the chords of attachment to one’s history—the regret, guilt, shame, anger, sorrow, and all their unreconciled memories—that can linger like ghosts feasting on one's life force.

My favorite way to do this is with a series of Egg Cleansings and Fire Cleansings, spread out over the course of days, weeks, or months, depending on the intent and need. This allows time for the client to deepen their readiness for each cleansing through private mentoring sessions and intensive healing retreats. I guide clients through their process using the Toltec practices I learned from Miguel, but with a feminine twist—Stalking and Recapitulating the beliefs through the emotions while Dreaming them into a healed presence in the body.

Ultimately, clients heal their relationship with the body, repossessing themselves with an emotional, mental, and spiritual presence that amplifies their healing and guides their lives forward in a more connected way—embraced, embodied and empowered. Essentially, clients become their own healer!

“True medicine is not an antidote but an alchemic embrace.” ~Rh

Each new client begins with a 90-minute Healing Assessment which includes an intuitive review of your case history along with an Egg Cleansing—a shamanic cleansing and reading of your energy bodies. Your healing will have already begun, and together, you and Rebecca will tailor the best Healing Package for your unique and unfolding journey. $375

I am so ready, let's get started!

  • Healing Packages may include the shamanic healing practices of Egg Cleansing, Fire Cleansing, and Psychic Healing, along with Spiritual Mentoring.

  • Most sessions can be performed long-distance if needed, and those that can't, will be scheduled to align with my retreat travels to an area near you.

  • Keep an eye out for one of my Healing Retreats in which you can receive many of these techniques with the added catalyst of sacred sites and a loving tribe.

Unsure if this is the right medicine for you? That's okay! Schedule a free 15-minute Clarity Call with me and we'll feel it out together!

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