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The Human Collective

April 6th, 2017 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Category: TeleClass
A Six-Part TeleClass Series
1-26 | 2-9 | 2-23 |3-9 | 3-23 | 4-6
At 7pm CST

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The Human Collective is a gathering of individuals seeking enlightenment within the human experience.

Through lecture, discussion, and the Toltec tools of the Medicine Bag, Stalking, Recapitulation and Dreaming, we will explore the human interpretations that hold us separate from our authentic expression and rediscover the freedom of being divinely human.  

In addition to class time, you will have the opportunity to connect with one another in a private Facebook group, and are invited to email Rebecca twice monthly with a synopsis of your current process.  This will allow Rebecca to tailor class content to address your individual needs while ensuring the progression of the group as a whole.  

Month 1:  The Domesticated Mind I - the personal beliefs that shape your reality.
Using the Medicine Bag as a mirror for the mind, we will explore the relationship of your mind with your body's emotions and with your reception of and your emanation into the reality within and around you.  Introducing the archetypes of the human mind and the Toltec tools of Stalking and Recapitulation, we will build an individual and collective inventory of the personal beliefs within the domesticated mind.

Month 2:  The Domesticated Mind II - the societal beliefs that shape your reality.
Deepening our implementation of the Medicine Bag, we will expand your inventory of beliefs to include the societal archetypes within your mind - the guardians of human values which sustain your inculturation and the domestication of your human animal.  Implementing the tool of Recapitulation in a new way, Rebecca will assist you in accessing the hidden layers of beliefs and emotional trauma stored in your genetic memory.

Month 3:  The Soul Mind - from the Domesticated Mind into the Soul Mind.
We will experience the difference between the Domesticated Mind and the Soul Mind - the open channel between you and the source of Life.  We shall reorient the hierarchy of these minds into one that honors a space for each while serving your authentic expression as divinely human.  Introducing the Toltec tool of Dreaming, we will shift our assemblage point from the Domesticated Mind to the Soul Mind and learn to utilize this clear channel as a vehicle of healing the world within you.

*Attendance at all classes is recommended; if an unexpected conflict prevents your attendance, a recording will be made available, however no refund will be issued.

A Six-Part TeleClass Series
1-26 | 2-9 | 2-23 |3-9 | 3-23 | 4-6
At 7pm CST

Oops!  This event is Sold Out!
We hope you can join us for the next one!

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