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Shameless Heart

August 1st, 2019 4:00 PM – August 7th, 2019 1:00 PM
Location: Teotihuacan, Mexico, San Sebastián Xolalpa, Estado de México
Category: Retreats

If you are ready to set your heart free from shame and heal your wounded inheritance so that you can love without limits, then join Rebecca Haywood, modern-day Shaman & Toltec guide, for a healing journey in Teotihuacán, Mexico!

photo by DMCleveland on flickr


...loving yourself without shame.
...loving others without blame.
...loving as Love untamed.

What would it feel like... embrace every emotion & thought, shadowy and light? embody yourself with a love that inhabits each cell without fight? empower your love to express fully, organically, out loud and in sight?

Who would you be...

...if your heart were set free? a marriage of your human with divinity?
...with no wound of separation, no hierarchy?

What if you found a tribe...

...of women and men, mastering this art?
...who stood united, both together and apart? and loving as one Shameless Heart?

Well, it is here... 

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The Shameless Heart Tribe is being birthed by the women and men who are ready for the pendulum between the sexes to come to rest, to put down their swords and raise their light, to embrace their humanity and divinity as one— with the masculine and feminine together, shameless heart to shameless heart.

Are you ready? Then join us for this deeply healing retreat amongst the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico!


Get a taste of Teotihuacan and the moment that inspired the Shameless Heart Tribe
in this short film The Mother’s Prayer:

That message fueled my chapter in the book Shamanism in the New Millennium and moreover, called me to healing in a new way: dissolving the wounded inheritance of feminine and masculine through trauma healing and grounded heart-based spirituality.

This journey is the convergence of that intent and a rebirth for us all into a new way of living, of loving. 

Come, let us step into the Shameless Heart together.

I'm Ready! Sign me Up! 

Itinerary & Curriculum:

What better time for rebirth than at the closing of Teotihuacán’s rainy season with its sacred grounds teeming with life?! It will be a perfect break from the State’s summer heat and a perfect embrace of the Mother amidst temples, pyramids and high-mountain, starry skies.

To top it all off, you can join us for a three-day trek to Tolantongo Waterfalls where we will meditate in sacred caves, relax in warm springs, or find adventure in a hike or a zip line!

Though we do not set itineraries for these trips, allowing them to be guided by the energy of the moment and of the group...

You shall journey in an intimate group of like-hearted souls, venturing to the sacred sites by day—climbing all three pyramids and exploring some of the lesser known temples—and gather in the evenings to share and continue healing together.

AND, we also have...

Some Special Treats for you!

Fire Cleansing:

A signature of Rebecca's shamanic medicine and a unique aspect of her retreats, this powerful healing ceremony releases lifetimes of trauma and lifts the heaviest of stagnant energies from the body, mind, and heart. It is the ultimate ritual of forgiveness!

Rebecca will invite the energy of Madre Sarita and guide each participant through their personal cleansing. The healing will continue through the night as your history continues to 'burn' in the fire, initiating a potent dream state which will be further facilitated in an evening class of Yoga nidra— a yogic dreaming practice that will lull you into your night.


What better way to integrate and ground your healing than with yoga?! Our optional daily practice will harmonize the union of mind-body-spirit and open us to deepen into our heart. Led by Teresa Mock, a certified yoga teacher and wellness advocate, these classes are sure to land you in that sweet space of embodiment!

Party Favors:

Participants will each receive a special Talisman crafted by our friend, local artist & healer, Alberto. Charged by the energy of our final ritual atop the pyramid of the Sun, it will carry the medicine that will continue to empower your Shameless Heart.

Online Classes & Community:

Come together with your retreat family in two live teleclasses— pre-journey to prepare and connect, and post-journey to ground and integrate. We will also create a private Facebook group for you to share, connect, and post all those fabulous photos!

Tolantongo Springs:

Don't forget the optional three-day extension to Tolantongo where we will meditate in sacred caves, get massaged by waterfalls, relax in warm springs and drift off into infinity pools. It really should be called Tolantong-ahhh for the pure peace it brings.

Of course, if you want adventure, you will have no problem finding it: suspension bridges, mountainous hikes, and evening fires under the stars. And if that isn't enough for you, we suggest you take a flying leap... through the trees on the zip line!

After two full days and nights in Tolantong-ahhh, we will return to our Villas home in Teo for a final evening of gratitude and celebration of life, love, and more of it!

Private Sessions:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I will be offering a limited number of private EGG CLEANSINGS at a reduced rate, so be sure to claim yours before it gets snatched up!

Teresa is also offering private Yoga Therapeutic Sessions which I highly recommend. These journeys awaken so much energy in the body and it is important to fully release and integrate your process. Teresa is a master at facilitating this, gently and effectively!

Our GuideI'm Ready! Sign me Up!

Rebecca Haywood offers a unique perspective on healing that bridges the ancient to the modern and the spiritual to the practical. At the age of twenty, Rebecca received an undeniable calling to step away from her psychology degree and find a spiritual teacher. This led to a ten-year apprenticeship with a family of Toltec shamans and a profound awakening.

Living and working with Madre Sarita and her son, best-selling author don Miguel Ruiz, Rebecca was named as Sarita’s spiritual granddaughter and the one to carry on her lineage. She mastered the ancient healing traditions along with don Miguel’s esoteric teachings, garnering intimate insight into the mind-body-spirit connection.

Certified as an herbalist, a massage therapist, and a holistic health practitioner, she opened her private practice in 2001 and has been working as a shamanic healer and spiritual mentor ever since. She leads retreats and workshops worldwide and contributed to the best-selling books, Dancing in the Unknown and Shamanism in the New Millennium.

With her blend of ancient and modern wisdom and her loving, down-to-earth candor, Rebecca embodies the essence of ‘Shaman Sister’— with the eyes of a shaman and the heart of a sister.


Teotihuacán... what can we say? It is another world - timeless, ancient and brimming with life. Imagine walking through an entire city of pyramids and temples built for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment. A chorus of clay whistles fills the air, reverberating off the stone temple in front of you. Its walls tell a story of Jaguars and Eagles in iron-oxide red hues. You close your eyes to contemplate its meaning and notice the scent of Copal in the wind and, somewhere in the distance, a ceremonial drum begins its call.

Affectionately called 'Teo', it is known as 'the place where human becomes God' and it was built as a map of spiritual transformation. Its temples and pyramids surround the Avenue of the Dead down which the ancient apprentices would travel, being 'digested' by Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent. Along this avenue are plazas which represent the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether. And towering above them all are the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon where you can find the temples of Masters, Healers, and Priests, adorned in paintings and carved stone with Obsidian inlays. A Mystery School of the ages, Teotihuacán is a physical path for your transformation through which Rebecca will skillfully and respectfully guide you.

Our HomeI'm Ready! Sign me Up!

Flourite Sphere


Just steps from the ancient city of Teotihuacan lies our beloved home, Villas Teotihuacan Hotel & Spa. Positioned directly in line with Teotihuacan's "Calz de los Muertos" (Avenue of the Dead), you are sure to continue dreaming with its transformative energy through the night!

Within its gated walls, you will find a serene and luxurious environment of spacious gardens, poolside dining, and tranquil sitting areas such as the library or the sunny fountained courtyard. The rooms combine the rustic style of Mexico with modern conveniences that ensure a comfortable, relaxing stay.

Your meals at this four-star hotel can be enjoyed in their spacious dining room, poolside in the Palapa and the garden-kissed patio, or in the bar where you can literally saddle-up for a refreshing beverage.

And to top it all off, indulge yourself at their healing spa with a relaxing massage or spa treatment! This hotel is a unique refuge in which you can recharge and reflect after each day of transformation.


Where can this journey bring you?


You have befriended your emotions, your mind, your humanity— turning poison into medicine, judgment into discernment, and vulnerability into power.


You stand deep within yourself as the Guardian— fully present with your inner world, receiving and directing your choices with awareness and as love.


You express, create, and love without limit, dancing with the outer world while staying true to your heart's unique and everchanging song.


You have a trusted tribe to play with— to practice this marriage of human with divine, of masculine with feminine, of love as shamelessly shameless.

Details I'm Ready! Sign me Up!

Inclusions - Teotihuacan:

  • Group transportation to & from Mexico City airport,
  • Six-night double occupancy accommodations at Villas Teotihuacan Hotel & Spa,
  • Fabulous buffet breakfasts with everything from fresh fruit to an omelet bar,
  • Park entrance fees, group teachings & classes,
  • Fire Cleansing, Talisman & TeleClasses,
  • Optional daily Yoga classes.

Inclusions - Tolantongo:

  • Group transportation to/from Tolantongo Hotel & Mexico City airport,
  • Two-night double occupancy accommodations at Tolantongo
  • One-night double occupancy at Villas Teotihuacan Hotel & Spa,
  • Final departure breakfast at Villas Hotel,
  • Park entrance fees, group intra-park transportation,
  • Sacred Cave guided meditation/ceremony


  • Roundtrip airfare to Mexico City,
  • Personal, medical or travel insurance,
  • Tips for Hotel staff,
  • Personal phone calls, laundry, or 'spa' services,
  • Tolantongo zipline is an optional and additional expense.
  • Scheduled private sessions with Teresa or Rebecca.

Don't Worry!

Once you register, we will send you all the information you need, including a packing list (ahem, passport). You can also reach out to our Trip Coordinator & Queen of Hospitality, Teresa Mock, who can answer all of your logistical questions & concerns.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please arrange your flights to arrive into Mexico City by 4pm on 8/01 & to depart after 1pm on 8/07*. If you are unable to honor these times, transportation will be arranged for you at an additional cost. *If you are joining us for Tolantongo, please schedule your departure for after 1pm on 8/10. 

Please Note:

Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans; due to non-refundable deposits we make to vendors on participants' behalf, we must adhere to our Refund Policy with no exceptions. We recommend Travel Guard Insurance who has several policy options available on-line.Refund Policy

Your Investment:

$1850 USD Teotihuacan
  $600 USD Tolantongo

Please accept a heart offering of a $300 DISCOUNT.

As my film displays, the Mother wants you there.
And every woman will benefit from you being there. This I know.

Bring a “sister” and you each get $150 OFF!

A shameless heart between women— this is true tribe.
Let us heal the wounded sisterhood and dream a new dream together.

All apprentices, old & new, get 10% off!

Discounts are applied to your final balance
(We will send you a special link)

Space is limited, so act fast! 
REGISTRATION DEPOSIT:  $450 USD (non-refundable) reserves your space.
50% BALANCE:  50% of your balance is due by 6/1.
FULL BALANCE:  The remaining balance is due by 7/1.
PRIVATE ROOMS: $460 USD at Teotihuacan, $100 USD at Tolantongo. 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Register by 4/20 for payments of only $350 per month!