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The Soul Collective

January 11th, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
This event is online
Category: TeleClass

A Seven-Part TeleClass Series
01-11 | 01-18 | 01-25 02-01 | 02-08 | 02-15 | 02-22
At 7pm CDT

In this day and age, we are swimming in a sea of self-help tools, life coaches, and spiritual paths that hold the promise of happiness or enlightenment.

Yet many find themselves stuck — imprisoned by their self-awareness without true transformation. So often, we end up using our search for happiness against ourselves, judging ourselves for judging or for feeling what we truly feel. We are taught that we must unlearn the beliefs that do not serve and peel away the layers of self. It is a death process that can neglect the importance of the rebirth, and thus abandon us into a place of emptiness and disconnect. 

There is an easier way, a kinder and deeper way, to achieve authentic transformation. We must heal the heart and the mind back to their true nature of love and of creativity.
For all that we have emptied, we must fill with the light of this love and give our mind permission to dream a new dream — one built not by the laws of man, but of the divine nature inherent to us all.

Join us in The Soul Collective — a tribe of like-hearted souls seeking enlightenment within the human experience. Our focus is of healing and rebirth that we may reorient ourselves as a vehicle for our collective evolution and return our compass to ‘true north’ — our soul’s correlation with the universal energy that inhabits us all. 

In this accelerated online series, we will use lecture, discussion, meditation, and the Toltec practice of Dreaming to realign our mind with our heart and soul, shifting our assemblage point from the Domesticated Mind to the Soul Mind; and together, we will practice accessing this clear channel as a source of healing thyself and creating a life of true fulfillment and love.

So what is the Domesticated Mind, the Soul Mind, or this thing called Dreaming?

I want to know! Tell me more Rebecca!


I have developed a special curriculum for you based on the seven keys of transformation that, in my twenty years of Spiritual Coaching, have shown themselves to be integral to every student's journey. Each class will direct the healing energy of the Soul Mind into one of these keys, shifting the mental and emotional energies that stunt our spiritual evolution.

Class 1 — Healing the Broken Heart

We will dive into our core wound of separation from love and divinity, initiating a deep process of healing the heart and reintegrating the self into alignment with our true nature of love.

Class 2 — Archetypes into Allies

Carrying forward the healing of the heart into the mind, we will inject the medicine of the Allies into each Archetype and begin the practice of directing the Soul Mind into the Domesticated Mind.

Class 3  — The Playground of the Mind

Continuing the healing of the Domesticated Mind, we will identify the figureheads of the human mind— the core belief constructs which sustain our inculturation, and redeem them as guardians of this playground that is The Soul Mind.

Class 4 — Bonus Class

This class will be a dedicated time for each to share the evolution of their process — to express your trials and triumphs, ask questions, and receive feedback from Rebecca. Believe it or not, the simple act of holding witness to yourself and others is another key of transformation!

Class 5 — The Dream of the Masters

Embracing our connection to the Divine, we shall re-dream the story of our life from the viewpoint of perfect justice and personal mastery - a key to reclaiming your power of transformation.

Class 6 — Living in Dual Awareness

We will explore the tools that allow us to live and create from the Soul Mind while engaging in the world of human constructs — to be in this world, but not of it; to honor our matter and our dreams, but not be captured by them.

Class 7 — The Heart’s Desire

Connecting heart and mind, we will dream our heart’s desire — the message or action that our true nature seeks to deliver. This dream can reveal our greater purpose or prompt a change that we must implement in order to honor our path. Ultimately, the dream of the heart’s desire is a tool that will aid you in continuing to enrich your journey with authentic and sustained transformation.

Class time is not enough! I urge you to use these Additional Resources to deepen your process and maximize your benefit personally and collectively:

  • Private Facebook Group — Connect & engage with our Tribe!
  • Review & Apply — Class recordings, visual aids, homework; use them!
  • Weekly Emails — Send a weekly synopsis to Rebecca; help her to help you!
  • Life-Line — Private 30-min session with Rebecca to use at your discretion!

This curriculum does build off of our Human Collective teleclass, but if you missed it, don't worry! Prior to our start date, you will be given Video Tutorials & Handouts to catch you up on the topics of:

  • The Five Levels of Dreaming
  • The Archetypes of the Domesticated Mind
  • The Allies of the Soul Mind
  • Rebecca's unique process of Emotional Recapitulation

Attendance at each class is recommended; if a conflict prevents your attendance, a recording will be made available; however, no refund will be issued.
We encourage you to register by December 1st so that you can have a full month to properly review the Video Tutorials & Handouts

A Seven-Part TeleClass Series
01-11 | 01-18 | 01-25 02-01 | 02-08 | 02-15 | 02-22
At 7pm CDT

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Ticket Type Price Quantity
Full Course - 7 Classes with a 30-minute Private Session! $425.00 N/A
DISCOUNT! For The Human Collective students! ($75.00) N/A