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Shamanic Healing Practicum

April 26th, 2018 4:00 PM – May 4th, 2018 1:00 PM
Location: Teotihuacan, Mexico, Teotihuacan, Mexico
Category: Retreats

If you're a healer who is ready to reach greater depths of connection and cultivate new skills as you discover an ancient healing lineage, then join Rebecca Haywood, modern-day Shaman & Toltec guide, for a transformational retreat & workshop in Teotihuacán, Mexico!

In the energy of Teotihuacan’s most powerful sites will be immersed in Shamanic Healing and into an intimate experience of your natural receptivity.


...the potent practices of Shamanic Healing while undergoing the process yourself.


...your channels of receptivity while shedding the obstructions that cloud them.


...with an ancient lineage of healing while forging new depths within yourself.

More than just a practicum

...this is a journey of self-discovery and an opening to your full receptivity as a healer.

I am so excited to share this with you! Fire Cleansing is my absolute favorite shamanic technique and one that ignited my own receptivity. It reaches into the deepest layers of one's being, releasing years of trauma and negativity. To be able to pass this tool onto you, in the energy of Teotihuacan, is an incredible honor.
~ Rebecca

Read Rebecca's blog on Fire Cleansing!

Tell me more about Receptivity!

What is receptivity? opening through which you receive. Yet it is also a force that draws you out of yourself and into the world, into the presence of another.

Beyond points of view

...true receptivity opens you into points of being that offer a pre-reflective intimacy with your clients and with Life.

Empathy, impartiality, love

...are all companions to receptivity, but it is in the resolute abandonment of the self that you surrender your senses into service and widen your aperture.

You give yourself over

...and become a complete conduit, receiving and transmitting through all of your capacities— a vessel surrendered and crafted into the perfect remedy. 

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Itinerary & Curriculum:

Day 1:  Open, Listen, Intend

We shall arrive at our beautiful retreat center for an authentic Mexican feast and an evening class of Velaciones— prayer vigils held over a candle. It is a practice of listening and allowing intent to speak through you… a perfect way to open our circle and step into the transformative journey of this practicum!

Day 2-4:  Heal, Reconnect, Activate

Over the next three days, we will venture into the heart of Teotihuacán to heal our channels of receptivity, carrying our process into the classroom with the shamanic practice of Egg Cleansing. This ancient technique uses an egg to purify the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ‘bodies’ of a person; concluding with a Lectura — a reading of these bodies and a guiding message. Each cleansing will gently lift any imbalances you find as we journey from The Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl and into the Plazas of the Elements where we will reconnect with unconditional presence and activate the channels of our inner elements. Culminating on a full moon, we will exchange our final egg cleansing as we complete the first phase of our journey through Teotihuacán at The Pyramid of the Moon.

Day 5:  Center, Surrender, Sing

Field Trip! We will travel outside Teotihuacán and hike to the remote Palace of Nezahualcoyotl (Hungry Coyote), the seventh ruler of Texcoco and the greatest poet of ancient Mexico. In a Netotiliztin, Dance of Joy, he would deliver "Flower Songs"— poems sung as “a channel to invoke the diety”. What a perfect teacher for us! For here, we will begin the practice of Channeling— a unique form of meditation through which you can access a place of pure receptivity to deliver messages of wisdom and healing… just like a Flower Song! Whether telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, or some mysterious intuition, each will discover and strengthen their unique medium of this misunderstood tool of Channeling.

Image: Nezahualcoyotl - 'Pan American Unity' mural by Diego Rivera. Photo by Mark Vallen©

Day 6-7:  Ignite, Purify, Transform

Our exploration of Channeling continues as we implement its practice among the lesser known temples at the outskirts of Teotihuacán— Tetitla: Palace of the Eagles, Atetelco: Temple of the Healers, and the Sacred Caves. In the potent energy of these magical sites, we will open to the deepest state of receptivity and carry it into our next practicum teaching, Fire Cleansing. This beautiful ritual envelopes one in medicinal smoke while cleansing them with an egg, a salt crystal, and healing branches; then each of these elements is burned in a ceremonial fire. Releasing years of trauma, negativity, and unnamed energies, this process initiates transformation unlike any other I have experienced!

Day 8-9:  Bless, Honor, Celebrate 

Our last days in Teotihuacán... such sweet sorrow! We will begin with a ceremonial journey up The Pyramid of the Sun, the third largest pyramid in the world, where each participant will receive a special blessing. In the afternoon, participants will be free to shop, dine and play as they choose, but it isn't over yet… we shall reconvene in the evening for one last class and fiesta, of course! In gratitude to our abode, we will communally perform a House Cleansing which uses the same principles of a Fire Cleansing to clear the energy of a place. Then, by the sacred fire, we will gather for our own Netotiliztin - Dance of Joy to celebrate and play in the receptivity of gratitude and the generosity ignited in its presence. Sleep is optional, but delaying the morning bus to the airport is not!

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BONUS!  Because we love you...

Online Classes & Community: 

Come together with your retreat family in two live teleclasses— pre-journey to prepare and connect and post-journey to ground and integrate. We will also create a private Facebook group for you to share, connect, and post all those fabulous photos!


What better way to integrate and ground these healings and teachings than with yoga?! Our optional daily practice will harmonize the union of mind-body-spirit and open us to deepen our receptivity. Led by Teresa Mock, a certified yoga teacher and wellness advocate, these classes are sure to deepen your inner journey!

Party Favors:

We will be gifting you with all the essential supplies needed to bring your newfound mojo home— salt crystals, flower essences and an incense blend, we call “Sarita Sauce”.

Our Guide

Rebecca Haywood offers a unique perspective on healing that bridges the ancient to the modern and the spiritual to the practical. At the young age of twenty, she was led into a decennial apprenticeship with a family of shamans— renowned Toltec Curandera, Madre Sarita, and her son, best-selling author don Miguel Ruiz. Rebecca was welcomed into their home and was soon asked to carry on Sarita’s lineage of healing. Under their loving tutelage, she mastered the ancient rituals of Sarita and the Toltec wisdom of don Miguel’s mystery school of ‘Dreaming’. Rebecca has been serving individuals and groups for twenty years, offering Spiritual Coaching, Healing, Workshops and Retreats. She offers a non-denominational but powerful message that promotes a marriage of the human with Spirit; for it is Rebecca’s wish that each may experience profound transformation grounded in awareness, authenticity, and self-love.

With Special Guest, Jaime Ruiz!
The son of Mother Sarita, it is Jaime who carries her essence more than any. He grew up in this lineage and was at Sarita's side during her training and through to the last day of her life. He continues to practice Sarita's methods in his own way and has helped countless individuals find the healing they need. Though he has never chosen to adopt the title of Shaman or Guru, it is what he embodies quietly and humbly. It is just his way. He continues to be one of my greatest mentors, a spiritual father in every way, and I am so happy to be able to share him with you!

TeotihuacanI'm Ready! Sign me Up!

Teotihuacán... what can we say? It is another world - timeless, ancient and brimming with life. Imagine walking through an entire city of pyramids and temples built for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment. A chorus of clay whistles fills the air, reverberating off the stone temple in front of you. Its walls tell a story of Jaguars and Eagles in iron-oxide red hues. You close your eyes to contemplate its meaning and notice the scent of Copal in the wind and, somewhere in the distance, a ceremonial drum begins its call.

Affectionately called 'Teo', it is known as 'the place where human becomes God' and it was built as a map of spiritual transformation. Its temples and pyramids surround the Avenue of the Dead down which the ancient apprentices would travel, being 'digested' by Quetzocoatl, the Feathered Serpent. Along this avenue are plazas which represent the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether. And towering above them all are the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon where you can find the temples of Masters, Healers, and Priests, adorned in paintings and carved stone with Obsidian inlays. A Mystery School of the ages, Teotihuacán is a physical path for your transformation through which Rebecca will skillfully and respectfully guide you.

Our Home

Flourite Sphere

Just down the road from 'Teo', you will find our enchanted home, The Dreaming House. Within the gated walls of this spacious and private retreat, you will reside in a serene environment of lush gardens, healing fountains, and hidden treasures. (psst, there's an altar dedicated to Madre Sarita!)

Wander through the stone labyrinth, meditate atop a 200lb crystal sphere, or do Yoga while gazing out over the Pyramid of the Moon. Perhaps you would prefer to retreat to the refuge of your room for an afternoon power-nap or a massage with one of the local healers. Decorated with the art of Mexico's past, your room is sure to conjure sweet dreams and... an appetite for some authentic Mexican food!

It could also be the smell of chicken mole wafting in through your window. Meals are prepared on site and served family-style in La Cocina dining room, bringing you the country flavors of Mexico in a colorful array of fresh fruits, vegetables, juice, and... well, everything is fresh!

Owned by a family who will quickly become your family, they strive to accommodate any of your needs, from the dietary to the spiritual. It is truly a magical place for a magical time

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What can you walk away with?


You have the faith in yourself to live your dream as a healer. 

Whether you arrived as a 'beginner' or as a practiced healer, you have unburdened your doubt and rediscovered yourself as a source of energy and wisdom. You have claimed your place as a healer and you are ready to bring it!

You feel connected with your clients, with Life, and with your healing way.

Receptivity is now a recognizable space within you that guides your healing practice and your way of life. You bring a deeper, more authentic presence to your clients, guiding each healing as a unique and potent co-creation.

You are inspired & ready to carry the tools of this ancient lineage home.

Teotihuacan has awakened you in ways you hadn't dreamed. There is a renewed passion within you, along with a deep gratitude for this lineage rich with tools. You can't wait to blend them into your practice at home and expand your personal art of healing!

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  $2150 USD  Early Bird Special! Register by 1/31 to lock it in!

Space is limited to 16 participants! 
REGISTRATION DEPOSIT:  $450 USD (non-refundable) reserves your space.
50% BALANCE:  50% of your balance is due by 2/26.
FULL BALANCE:  The remaining balance is due by 3/26.
PRIVATE ROOMS are available for an additional $472 USD.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Register by 12/26 to qualify for payments of only $450/mo

FRIENDS FOREVER DISCOUNT: Bring a friend & you each get $200 off!
ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT of $200 for SHP alumni!
Discounts applied to final balance - Be sure to select the correct tickets below.


  • Group transportation to & from Mexico City airport,
  • Eight-night double occupancy accommodations at The Dreaming House,
  • Special excursions to Tlaminca & the Sacred Caves
  • Breakfast, lunch, light dinner & non-alcoholic beverages,
  • Park entrance fees,
  • Teachings, healing tools & supplies.


  • Roundtrip airfare to Mexico City,
  • Personal, medical or travel insurance,
  • Tips for Dreaming House staff,
  • Personal phone calls, laundry, or 'spa' services,
  • Spending money for outside meals and of course, shopping!

Don't Worry!

Once you register, we will send you all the information you need, including a packing list (ahem, passport). You can also reach out to our Trip Coordinator & Queen of Hospitality, Teresa Mock, who can answer all of your logistical questions & concerns.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please arrange your flights to arrive into Mexico City by 4pm on 4/26 & to depart after 1pm on 5/04. If you are unable to honor these times, transportation will be arranged for you at an additional cost.

Please Note:

Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans; due to non-refundable deposits we make to vendors on participants' behalf, we must adhere to our Refund Policy with no exceptions. We recommend Travel Guard Insurance who has several policy options available on-line.Refund Policy

A final message from Rebecca...

Dear Fellow Healer,

Shortly after Madre Sarita passed away, she gifted me with a beautiful dream— a healing tree serving all of humanity —and she told me to grow that tree with you, each of us a branch, a leaf, a blossom of healing.

That's why sharing this lineage is so dear to me. It was Sarita’s wish that it be disseminated throughout the world and she asked me to carry on that mission, but it is not for me alone. The world needs its healers now more than ever; it needs you! It is time.

What is so special about this healing lineage is its heart. Sarita saw the healer in everyone, no matter their profession, and encouraged each to express healing in their own way. Beyond proven techniques, it was the faith that was paramount. Faith is what gives healing its heart, its life.

So if you are hesitating, unsure if you are a healer or whether shamanism is your 'thing', know that you are embraced. Know that you are a healer innately; we all are and the world is calling us to step up. Whether you 'shamanize' clients or not, the presence with which you inhabit this world is felt. The prayers you speak, even if no one hears them, are received. Your faith is enough. This lineage will open you into that knowing; its techniques will provide the practice and its heart will give you, the healer, new life.

Sarita once called me the mother of healers and though I do hold such love for my students, truly I feel like a sister. For, I too have walked this journey of the healer. I had to overcome doubt, ego, and superstition until I could find my true way. I would love to help you find yours.


FRIENDS FOREVER DISCOUNT: Bring a friend & you each get $200 off!
Discounts applied to final balance - Be sure to select the correct tickets below.

Ticket Type Price Quantity
Registration Deposit $450.00 N/A
50% Balance EARLY BIRD $850.00 N/A
Final Balance - EARLY BIRD $850.00 N/A
50% Balance - Regular Pricing $1,000.00 N/A
Private Room Updgrade $472.00 N/A
DISCOUNT - SHP Alumni ($200.00) N/A
DISCOUNT - Friends Forever ($200.00) N/A