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A Spiritual Retreat is a wonderful catalyst in accelerating your process of transformation.  Imagine leaving your life, all that you have known and all that has known you, and stepping into a world built upon the magic of faith and transformation.  The simple act of being displaced into a foreign world gives you the space to reinvent yourself.  You are free from the roles of everyday life and all the expectations they come with; you can see your life with more clarity; understand the choices you've made and the choices you need to make; and begin to peel away the layers of self that no longer serve you.

Now add to that, the powerful energy of a sacred site - a place that has been used for the specific intent of communing with Spirit.  That energy is alive and available; and when accessed it initiates a heightened awareness that infuses your intent with a greater power.  Rebecca will guide you through the sacred grounds and assist you in connecting to the the energy, facilitating healing when needed and encouraging you deeper into your transformation.

Each intensive retreat combines meditation, lecture, discussion, and ceremony--all accessed and delivered in the powerful energy of these rare sacred sites.

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