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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

What is True Now?

What is all this talk of ‘living in the now' and why is it a key to an authentic and joyful life?

Well, it goes beyond a simple spiritual slogan.  The fact is, the only place from which we can affect change is in the present moment — not the past and not the future, for they don’t exist.  Sure we project ourselves there constantly, replaying regrets and hoping for a better future, but our power and our truth reside in the here and now.

First let’s talk about truth, for without truth, our power becomes an act of war against our integrity.  If we are not in relationship with truth, then no matter the best of intentions, we are serving a lie, and that serves no one.

Truth only lives in the moment.  It doesn’t stand still in a fixed point of being, but is ever-changing in flux with the flow of life.  The truth of yesterday may no longer be true today, and the truth of today may no longer be true tomorrow.  If we are to remain in relationship with truth, then we must maintain a constant relationship with ourselves in the moment.

But what about healing our past and manifesting the dreams of our future; isn’t that a big part of our spiritual evolution?  Absolutely!

Living by the truth of the moment does not mean we ignore everything outside of it.  It simply means that we view those moments and dreams through the lens of today’s truth which allows our past to evolve with us and our future to stand on the solid ground of fruitful action.

“What is true now?”, is a great question to ask ourselves and one that empowers us to forgive our trespasses and see the past with the clarity of today’s wisdom.  It also better equips us to create our future, for it helps us to see the open doorways.  Rather than spending our time forcing a key into potential, we gracefully align with what is available to us today.

In this way, our power is fueled by truth and its intent is delivered to the fertile soil of today.

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