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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Welcoming our "Triggers"

I received so many response to my last post—about healing trauma and walking in two worlds: as the self needing to be healed, and as the one offering that healing—that I want to deepen the conversation, to invite you deeper into your process by sharing more of my own. So that’s what’s up this week and until Spirit (which includes you!) invites another topic to the table.

First up is this word used in the trauma world: “trigger”. This word has never quite resonated with me. A “trigger” is attached to a weapon and it seems many approach their “triggers” in this way— as something to avoid.

I view “triggers” as a welcomed “activation”. Yes, they may come with painful emotions and at inopportune moments, but they are an opportunity. In my case, they are my “lil girl” stepping out of the shadow and into the light where Rebecca the “guardian” can see her, hear her, feel her, believe her… where whatever pain or fear she is expressing can be embraced, embodied, and empowered into a healed state.

I find that those who do allow their “triggers” are often in a seek and destroy mode… stalking its source—a word, a smell, a touch—and then retraining the brain to diffuse its reaction to the stimulus. But the source is not the stimulus, it is the one experiencing the stimulus. And she will not be healed through eradication but through your love.

And these “triggers” aren’t always attached to a trauma experience and an emotional ‘bomb’. Sometimes, my lil girl just wants to play, express, create, or to just be with me. Remember, she has been alone for a long time now and, before that, she was shamed in one way or many. 

Allowing her in through these activations—painful or playful—has built trust between her and I, and as I said in my last post, "this is the biggest fracture to heal—the space between you and her.” The more I embrace and embody her, the more she and I, the guardian, come together as an empowered and integrated force.

So let’s stop weaponizing our trauma self. It only perpetuates the battle. Instead, let’s embrace their “activations” as opportunities, as a piece of our Self returning to us. For this is what they are, if only we allow them.

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