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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Virginity: Leave Room for Dessert

What’s for dessert? How about ALL of it—from the desire to the delight and the yearn to return again, AND all that led up to it... including the tantalizing mystery once held in the untouched innocence of our Virgin palate.

Yes, the meal isn’t over with Virginity plated and served. The promise that brought us to the table is suspended between each bite—tasting and tasted for the first time, every time. As Tatyana so beautifully said, “There’s always a new place within yourself.”

The dessert is the continual journey of discovery of those new places—deeper, fuller, louder, softer, and so slow it touches the eternal within you. And yet we must heal our story of Virginity before we can reframe the deflowering into the blossoming that it is...

This is what we will be diving into tonight, sharing our personal journeys of “virginity lost” and reframing that moment of “virginity given” or “taken” as a sacred power unsurrendered and unfolding, even still.

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Join me LIVE with my NEW cohost Tatyana Rae, every Tuesday at 7pm pdt on LA Talk Radio and Facebook!

In this show, Tatyana and I share our “Stolen Cherries”—our personal journeys of ‘virginity lost’ from the ravage of rape to the ravage of love—and our “virgin moments” of finding those new places and how they were hiding behind the “privacy screens” of our internal voyeur’s “cuckoo-clock”, “showroom windows” and a lineage of withholding pleasure. We also reframe the mundane familiarity that so many long-term relationships suffer into a celebrated intimacy that paves the road to deeper discoveries.

Final Verdict? Virginity isn’t given or taken; it is chosen… and we get to choose again as many times as needed until we “lose” it properly: in a sensually divine union with ourselves and our partners. That’s the “cherry on top”!

“Let every man know that God mounts me.” ~Tatyana Rae

Puberty & Virginity: Innocence Lost or Gained?
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