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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Tempting More: Don't Attempt It... Tempt It

Don’t attempt more in 2020, tempt it...

Seduce it
with your desire,
woo it
with your love,
entice it
with offerings…

...not with promises
or contracts avowed.
Break them,
break out!
of your solutions
and resolutions endowed.
Lay them down.
Lay yourself down
and become the offering.
Become the space
it begs to inhabit.
Become the more…

enlisted only in more
— 360 degrees of you,
of now,
of always,
in all ways
—round n' round without stop.
Crescendo without peak,
alight unbroken
— only wax to wane
and scattered to stardust again…

Become the more, darling.
It is already yours.
And now,
dare it
to be even more.

Join me LIVE with my NEW cohost Tatyana Rae, every Tuesday at 7pm pdt on LA Talk Radio and Facebook!

Shameless Feminine Speaks is calling in the New Year by “Tempting More” as the more and ohhh, so much more... because the Shameless Feminine doesn’t attempt the more, she tempts it.

This is our shamelessly shameless 2020 vision… where we dare to see MORE and we dare to be seen as MORE… where we throw out our promises to the new, the next, the better and become the promise of MORE… where we strip ourselves down—saying NO MORE to the “safety” of small, familiar, polite—and get naked to the NEW Year and to the limitless potential of the ALL that all-ready lives in us NOW.

This show isn’t about resolutions, and its topic serves us beyond this mark on the sundial. For, MORE is always waiting for you—wanting to come to you—and it will, as soon as YOU stop waiting for it. So go ahead, tempt MORE. We don’t give you permission (only you can grant that), but we do dare you!

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