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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Talkin' About Your Revolution

So much trauma has been awakened in us collectively—new memories, old memories, and the ancient ones that have been carried in our cells. So much to feel and yet such a gift and a medicine to have it here, on the surface, where we can embrace it as we never did before.

And we aren’t just revisiting our trauma, we are walking through reporting it, prosecuting it, speaking our story and naming our perpetrator. I was there with Dr. Ford, living out the day in court I never had. Many of us were and it is empowering us, healing us.

It is shedding light on the subtle shades of sexual violence, inspiring #whyididntreport to raise their voices and their rights. It is dislodging the shame that once gripped our throats and pinned our power to the headboard of a wounded patriarchy. And it is pushing all of us—men and women—to own our part in perpetuating that shame and those wounds. It is our common inheritance after all, to which our complacency and our blame has held us indentured. But #nomore

That’s big medicine and there’s more brewing. And, it will likely come with challenges.

Already, our stale paradigm has made its disregard clear with a half-hearted investigation and a whole-hearted mocking from our president. More triggers to the many who also had to swallow a he said-she said stalemate and the shaming inquisition that chased it.

“It’s not worth prosecuting”, I was told, after learning that the detective had “lost” all the evidence—evidence plucked, swabbed, and stripped from my shaking body. Gone. And with it, my credibility. Even before that, small town eyes had turned toward my virtue. My grandmother suggested marriage while others questioned my virginity.

My story is one of many and though 25 years have passed, #notenough has changed. Yesterday’s events energized me though. For I could feel hidden threads of complacency and blame unwinding within me. All the little ways in which I had coped with, resigned to, and even expected a world in which I was prey—they unwound and opened into an undeniable call to action.

This is the medicine brewing and it is potent. Listen for it, feel for it, and follow it. Your revolution can’t begin without you. 👊🏻

Let it Burn
To All the Boys

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