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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Retreat Journal ~ Teotihuacan 2018

Day 1:

Following my nose to God.

Wellll, it has been a magically creative (and full) past couple of months. It has truly been a ‘standing in both worlds’ experience— completing my contribution to another collaborative book (WootWoot!) while navigating the busyness of life. I had to bow out for a bit so I could bow in and honor this space of healing and change.

And now, I am so happy to emerge again in my beloved Mexico! ...where spring has sprung with her Flor De Amor, Flower of Love and where our healing tribe has gathered once again “to walk the path of flowers and not the path of thorns” as one student said yesterday.

Already it has been a full journey and we are only one day in! I am so happy and so is Madre Sarita, hearing her prayers upon new lips like seeds sowing the flowers of love.

Day 2:

What an amazing day. Words just won’t convey it.

We ventured into some sacred caves and found such healing for everyone. The Mother came through so strong and lifted lifetimes of wounds along with the lingering ghosts of their past. So beautiful to see the light return to such purity within each of us. Thank you Madre. Gracias Infinitas.

This pic was taken right after we completed our work. No filter. Just the light of healing. During one of the healings, I saw myself with an obsidian knife in my hand opening the womb of one of the students. And on the hike down, there it was at my feet— an obsidian knife like I have never seen before. I am absolutely humbled.

Day 3:

Another magical day in the neighborhood. This pic was taken at the base of “Quetzo’s house”, the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl— the feathered serpent. This is where apprentices used to make their leap of faith into the unknown, ‘dying’ to their old dream of life and entering into the body of the snake to be ‘digested’ back into light.

Welll, as Mother would have it, Quetzo invited our group into a birth process instead. The light radiated into us rather than pulling us in. It was beautiful. And the one death requested of us was the death of our selfishness— that it may return to the light of service. A perfect invitation for our healing tribe.

And as we made our way up the “Avenue of the Dead”—making an offering of our body, emotion, mind, and heart as vessels of service—it became our birth canal... with the Pyramid of the Moon pulling us into her. There, meditating in her womb, each student sank into her and became the mirror—holding and reflecting all of life. And as the Mother completed her message for us, we opened our eyes to find a sweet little girl sitting with us, eyes and heart open wide. Her name was, of course, Maria.

I am loving the Mother’s way through Teo. Just so sweet. Gracias Madre, tu modo es el camino de vida y de las flores de amor.

Day 5:

This was such a special moment in Tetitla— the temple of the Eagles.

MaryAnna is an old student of Sarita’s and it has been so beautiful to watch her reconnect with this work and with herself as a healer. And she is an absolute powerhouse.

We had been practicing ‘channeling’ here when I was called to bring her outside to sing a song (music is her medicine). The message that came through for her was something about her voice being carried like seeds in the wind and then she began to sing. The moment she began, so did the wind. And the moment she completed her song, the wind stilled once again. She had called in the wind.

I don’t know why these miracles still surprise me after all I have witnessed, but they do. I am humbled every time. Thank you MarAnna. Thank you Madre Sarita for showing us that “si, se puedes” (yes, you can). Life, Mother’s elements, all of it, are listening. And, as Sarita used to say, are more obedient than we are. And what songs we can sing together.

Day 7:

I am blown away by how powerfully the students embraced the Fire Cleansing as recipients and as practitioners. Truly, we needed no fire because they embodied it— its fierce and deeply penetrating love. They cut chords of attachments and even successfully implemented the healing breath of the shaman.

They have brought such honor, willingness and focused presence to this lineage. And we all could feel Sarita happily coming through with each prayer and each release. We were en fuego and filled with “flower songs”.

I Ask & I Recieve
Let it Burn

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