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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Receptivity: A Vessel Surrendered

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that receptivity brings us into an “original relation to the universe”; I can't think of a better place to stand as a Healer or as a human. For receptivity is one of our greatest gifts, and its key lies in our nature — in what is inherent to us without the paved streets of the mind. 

What is receptivity, but an opening through which we receive. Yet it is also a force that draws us out of ourselves and into the world; into the presence of another. Empathy, impartiality, love, are all companions to receptivity, but what is required most of all, is the resolute abandonment of the self; to be in service without the wounded guardians of our ideals; to surrender to the grandness of possibility and the perfection of Life’s play; and from this place of heart and light and matter, to listen. 

When we step outside of our singular selves, we become pre-reflective instruments of receptivity; a vessel surrendered. Any tension of ‘disharmony’ is held in perfect resonance, with strings attuned to the song of another and to the wordless notes weaved by Life. Then, with hand and breath surrendered, a new song stirs; not from the instrument alone, but sung by all that it holds — client, healer, Life.

This is the magical moment of receptivity — when the receiving transmutes into creation; a new song. It is the natural reverberation of what we have opened ourselves to hold. Yet it moves beyond that and into an action, a response, a remedy. Its humming has informed us. It has called us deeper into its asking; for even perfection seeks evolution; and the answer comes fluidly and from a fullness, as if poured from the rim of the very cup it seeks to mend. 

I call it ‘magic’ because I don’t have a linear cognition of how it happens, but it happens. This is know. As a witness, I surrender my senses; I widen my aperture; I turn inside out, and somehow, by giving myself over, I become a greater self — a self that knows without knowing and that speaks in tongues native to its beheld. It is this greater self that is the healer, and who, without ego or conviction, crafts herself into the perfect remedy. 

Some teach that to be a witness, one must not feel; that to feel denotes personal investment. Yet my experience has shown me the gift of such intimacy. Yes, I had to distill myself into “an original relation with the universe”, but my senses didn't disappear. In fact, they became more available; openings through which I could connect directly to another and to Life. 

And so, for me, receptivity at its fullest is a complete conduit, receiving and transmitting through all of our capacities. Body, emotion, heart, and mind are each avenues of receptivity, but they must be wild again. When they are true to their nature and untethered to a singular self, they offer a greater intimacy than ever. Beyond points of view, they offer points of being. They invite the strange world in; and then, no longer a stranger, the world draws us out into its magical embrace.


Come with us to Teotihuacan, Mexico! 
Open into the power of your natural receptivity in our Shamanic Healing Practicum, Cycle II. More than just a practicum, this journey immerses you into the energy of Teotihuacan’s most powerful sites and into the transformative experience of a Fire Cleansing
 — my favorite healing ritual and one that requires the utmost receptivity.

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