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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Ravenous & Ravished

I want your lips on me
The way you do

Like you mean it
Sweetly reaching
Deeply taking

Like I am yours
And back again
Again and again
And all at once

Like it is yours
This moment
Arching its back
Into forever

Time surrendered
Mine surrendered
Into yours

Your lips
Wanting me
The way I do

Like I mean it
Like you are mine
Like it is mine

And never

This is the poem I read on last week’s Shameless Feminine Speaks: “Gelded, Gilded, Guilted, & Jilted”. We were speaking about masculine sexual shame... how women uphold it, men hide it, and how all of us suffer a lessened sexual and spiritual connection as a result of it—within ourselves and between each other.

This poem denotes what that sexual dance between the masculine and feminine is for me. Now that I have healed my relationship with the masculine, I am not afraid to surrender to him. In fact, it is a source of great pleasure to let him take me and in the way his animal wants to take me (by the consent of my pleasure, of course). And, in embracing the full spectrum of my sexuality—feminine and masculine—I am equally pleasured in the act of taking him right back.

It is a dance, driven by the polarities within me, within him and charged by the exchange of the two. He leads by my follow and follows my flow. There is no seduction, only mutual surrender—me to myself, him to himself, and us to the moment that may never be ours again.

Let us no longer seek to possess or control each other’s sexuality. Release your animal and his to the wild. For, though we underestimate sexuality as a basic need fulfilled, it is also a spiritual connection to ourselves and each other. In healing it, we can realize a greater potential in the co-creation of life as a whole— dancing WITH each other in true communion.

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