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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Puberty & Virginity: Innocence Lost or Gained?

Puberty and virginity-- modern society doesn’t offer these passages much reverence but does worship them as a loss of innocence never to be regained. Though the distinction unveiled by puberty can feel like a disconnect from the universal self, it isn’t the separation that our “loss” laments; it is a calling to experience ourselves as MORE— a woman blossomed, a man forged, a sexual self realized. And when we bring this point of view to our “virginity lost”, the MORE deepens into a beginning rather than an end… of a great adventure into the sexual self individualized and its journey to rediscover the universal again and again.


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In this episode, guest Tatyana Rae and I get naked in sharing our coming of age stories: two very different journeys—hers formed within a matriarchy, mine within a patriarchy, hers following the yearnings of her sexual awakening, and mine resisting the feminine and the “curse” of men’s sexual attention. We explore the ways in which society’s domestication of puberty is the true loss of innocence— the loss of the mystery and the curiosity that connects us to the universal self. We share how, though oppressed in different ways, our tamed sexual self rebelled and sought the very same thing—to express ourselves freely as MORE, sexually and spiritually, animal and divine.

Tatyana will be back NEXT WEEK to continue the convo where we left off—virginity. Again, we will share our personal journeys of “virginity lost” and reframe the deflowering into a blossoming, a beginning rather than an end. And show you how you can reclaim innocence as a superpower that deepens your sexual experience of yourself and your relationships.

“Puberty was an awakening to different. Before that I felt more a part of everything, with little distinction or distinctiveness. I blended in. With Puberty, all that changed, and a long forgotten howl from deep within the hollows of my Soul began to roam through the days and nights of Everyday. A howl, a growl, a purr, a slinking and slithering, prowling and pacing. I was both silk and sandpaper, arching in my ache— my Body surging up and out while my Mind reeled and my Soul… my Soul dove deeper into recesses of Being that were caverns of yearning. Puberty released the instinct of Yesss, of Now, of More as the membranes of polite, proper, please rammed headlong into Swelling, Open, Surrender. I felt the constrictions of those that sought to contain the Sap of Spring from rising. “Show me the way”, I begged the Silence that met my longing for immersion. I was caught behind the glass of a showroom of pastels, paisleys, and parlor manners. MY hips swayed, MY lips pouted, MY breasts heaved, MY arms opened, MY legs parted, MY eyes beckoned. So, I followed HER lead...”

Ravenous & Ravished
Virginity: Leave Room for Dessert

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