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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Politics of the Mind - Part 4

Regardless of how your personal scales of justice tilt, we all have dangled at least a toe in the waters of victim-stance and it is from this viewpoint of defense that we create our set of laws through our internal Legislative Branch.  These ‘laws’ represent the beliefs in our minds with which we navigate our lives.  

In a domesticated mind, the beliefs are innocently formed in accordance to the common beliefs set forth by the authorities of our society.  Some of these beliefs are tied to the truth, but most are not.  We may slightly tailor these beliefs to match our personal experience and therefore get a bit closer to the truth, but so often these personal beliefs are created from emotional reactions or ‘wounds’.  At best our ‘laws’ become based in what once was true, rather than what is true. 

Truth, the true King, does not require our faith.  It is exists with or without the authority of our belief.  Yet we are so practiced in worshipping truth with our devotion of belief that even the King of truth comes to wear the shiny crown of tyranny - a tyranny that is no longer led by truth but by our interpretations (and often misinterpretations) of that truth.

Since we have learned to live life according to our beliefs rather than to believe according to life, our wounded doctrine of law greatly distorts our experience of life and limits the absolute freedom that it offers.  We set our ‘laws’ to protect our internal society of ‘wounds’ and these ‘laws’ then become expectations imposed upon our experience of what is.   

Even if we are fortunate enough to set our personal laws according to some semblance of truth, our internal legislators struggle to reach agreement. Each opinion in our mind, a House Representative if you will, is vying for our attention and belief, and each of those opinions has its own duality.  It is a perfect set up, lined with double-edged swords and one that promotes an ongoing battle within the mind. 

Now add to this mayhem the outer mask of our identity – the House Speaker.  With a need for approval, she polls her constituents for popular opinion and trades her truth for their praise when, in fact, she could never possibly appease the entire Pandora’s Box of societal opinion.  However the box eagerly releases its contents and intermingles with this dissonant crowd of opinions and the Legislative Branch is needless to say, out-of-order.

Personally, I approach my internal Legislative Branch with flexibility.  Though I of course have some rules that I tend to adhere to, I re-evaluate those rules according to the moment.  This allows me to maintain a constant relationship with the truth.  For truth only lives in the moment.  It doesn’t stand still in a fixed point of being, but is ever-changing in flux with the flow of life. 

This is one great misconception of our internal Legislative Branch – that truth is fixed and therefore our ‘laws’ must be fixed.  I suppose it is yet another ‘wound’ in our mind, perhaps from a time in which we expected one thing and got another.  From that moment of uncertainty and the fear that ensued, we asked life to become certain and did our best to make it so. 

However, no matter how many laws we impose on our life, nothing will ever be certain.  Once we accept this, we can release our grip on our imposed ‘reality’ and allow life to once again surprise us. 

So as you can see, our internal government is just as misguided as our American government and needs to re-orient itself back to the truth of whom and how it serves.  Though today's government is led by more than just popular opinion, it is still a reflection of 'we the people'.  So if we truly seek to change the outer, we must also seek change within.

It is time for a revolution! 

Shift the tyranny of your mind to be in service to your nature.  
Re-elect yourself as President – a self un-fractured by duality. 
Heal your broken heart and reclaim your personal power.  
Erase your book of 'law' and rewrite it with the hand of truth.  

Let the evolution of this revolution bring to fruition the vision we all intended:
to serve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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