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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Politics of the Mind - Part 3

The Judicial Branch springs forth in our mind, but with a very different version of our Lady of Justice prevailing.  Her sword of reason is dulled by duality, her scale is skewed toward injustice, and her blindfold is woven by the frayed heartstrings of a victim.  For she, though beautiful as ever, is born in our heartbreak. 

Before our heartbreak, we had no concept of injustice.  Life was simply cause and effect with ourselves at the helm of change.  Though the seas of life could turn at any moment, we held our authority to navigate a new course of action.  

However, when we fell into the heartbreak of 'I am not', we were thrown off-center by the disconnect from our personal power.  The responsibility for our creation shifted to outside forces and we traded our power for the role of victim, perceiving life through a now wounded sense of justice - 'look at what they do to me'.   The scales were further weighted by the subtle awareness that we had in fact betrayed ourselves by giving our power away, thus adding the burden of guilt and the hesitancy of self-doubt.  We no longer quite trusted our power, and the role of victim became a comfortable refuge.

So until we find the wisdom to forgive ourselves and return to the 'I am', we are partially paralyzed by the mistrust in our personal power and blinded by the wound of injustice.  Though our true nature is emotionally motivated to re-balance the scale of justice, as long we view life through the eyes of the victim, we will continually perceive injustice; as long as we falsely perceive injustice, we will continue to serve dependence rather than independence, and there is no greater disrespect to our freedom than that of false dependence.

The effects of this wound of injustice abound two-fold when we attempt to resolve the ‘trespasses against us’.  In the courts of our minds, we often replay perceived ‘mistakes’ and ‘wrong-doings’ again and again and ask the perpetrator, even when it is our self, to pay each time. 

True justice lies in the simple equation of action-reaction.  Once the reaction has been met with sincere repentance, a fair judge will move on to the next case and no longer demand further consequence.  However, every victim needs a great villain.  So we often perpetuate and even invite recidivism, whether through the reels of our memory or the stories we tell; and our ‘offenders’, guilty or not, are crucified again and again in our name.

In order to heal this wound of injustice, we must relinquish the victim within.  In my path of awakening, I have embraced my personal power in the realization that there is no true freedom without self-responsibility.  This was the turning point in my pursuit of freedom and happiness.  I began to see my life as a series of actions and reactions with myself as the action that directs my life.  Everything that happened ‘to me’ was a direct result of my own actions. 

Even in the physical abuses that I experienced in life, there was a choice in how I was to interpret those offenses against my body.  When I stood in victim-stance, I chose to suffer and hurt myself even more than my perpetrators.  When I stood in self-responsibility, I chose to heal, to learn and to move on.  Either way, I never stopped choosing and therefore I never ‘lost’ my power. 

This sense of true justice extended to those around me.  It became clear to me that we all have this absolute power of choice no matter our situation – inherited, imposed or self-inflicted.  We must trust that we each come into this world with a distinct path before us and that this path is perfectly attuned for our personal and spiritual evolution.  I wouldn’t change a moment of my life and I pray that others can see the gift of their personal history as well.

This was the healing of my wound of injustice and it led me to see the truth – that in a world of free and competent adult individuals, injustice simply doesn’t exist.  

Regardless of how your personal scales of justice tilt, we all have dangled at least a toe in the waters of victim-stance and it is from this viewpoint of defense that we create our set of laws through our internal Legislative Branch.  
(Read on in Part 4)

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