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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Politics of the Mind - Part 2

The Executive Branch of our mind, which we could call the ego or the identity of self, is wounded by a sense of separation from love.  Though our American government clearly needed to enact a separation of church and state, we as individuals thrive when we align our wills with the will of Love, or Spirit, or God, as you may call it.  No matter what one believes about the existence of God, we all have had that bell-ringing moment when we felt absolutely guided and affirmed.  Some call it intuition, others divine intervention.  Whatever we name it, I think we can all agree that its roots lie within a loving and clear relationship with our self. 

Yet at some point in our lives, we encountered that first moment of self-doubt in which we fell from the grace of unconditional love into a concept of unworthiness.  In that moment of heartbreak, our ego split into ‘I am’ and ‘I am not’, and our singular nature of Love became veiled by the presence of this dualistically fractured ego.  

In an effort to rediscover a common voice of truth, party-lines get drawn, the dualities grouped and assigned, and each set loose to battle it out.  However, the more our ego is asked to reason its way to truth, the more duality it finds.  It continues to fracture and where once there was only 'good' and 'bad', now stands yet another villain named 'ugly'.  

The structure of our ego continues to fracture and grow in this way as we poll popular opinion and attempt to align ourselves onto just one side of the aisle.  It seems safer there, with the assurance of our constituents at our side and the promise of re-election.  

However, we have never been farther from our truth or from the nature we set out to serve.  The contradictions that once jarred us back towards the middle (and the now disenfranchised home of truth), are dulled by a growing desire for approval over love; the cry for freedom is muted by a mouthful of promises; and the authenticity of what we once sought has been traded as a commodity.  

And so the two-party tango began with a newly inaugurated President Jekyll-Hyde, fighting himself in a dance of reason and forgetting the heart that led him there.

Our dogged heartbreak has officially been wagged. 

In order to heal the ego , we must heal the heart.  Until we heal that original heartbreak, our ego will continue to shy from the pain and hide it away, even from its own view.  But we have to feel the heartbreak to heal the heartbreak, and in order to do that, we must at least acknowledge the lame duck in the room even if we have yet to name his successor.  Put down the ego and the fear of the pain, and just feel.  

When we allow the pain of the original heartbreak to surface, we have an opportunity to heal it.  The wound can bleed out, purifying and cleansing itself, until all that is left is its original inhabitant, Love.  It is that simple.  For Love is our nature, and nature is what remains in the absence of all else.

However, before we are ready to face election time with our new independent candidate, we must heal the heart of the other two branches in our mind:
Judicial and Legislative
(read on in Part 3)

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