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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

One Womb, Many Hearts: a not-so-personal story

When all had completed their process at the Healing Well, I decided to take a sip of the portal myself. I thought I was there for my own healing— a little womb housekeeping. And I was. But it was a much larger womb than the one my skin held, and it took me down.


I dropped to the ground in a wave of sorrow… all the traumatized wombs of Gaza, Israel, Palestine—the mothers mourning their children, their land, their own lives and freedoms taken—and the land itself, weeping for the seep of blood unholy in its hateful spill. This grief didn’t choose sides but wept for the broken heartstrings of all her peoples frayed by the tug of war long lost to the true call of the Motherland.


It was a riptide I could not stop. Silent tears kept flowing even after the temple guardian gently reminded us that our time was complete.


Time. There was no more time… a hard truth for these wombs I was releasing.


I begged for a song from one of the sisters. Beautifully, she chose a water song. It calmed the rush of tide just enough for me to find my prayer— to connect this Healing Well to those women and all yet to come, to offer them this release, this refuge. And to offer it to their land and its sacred waters as well— that its holy frequency may be restored as a living source and reminder of the one Mother we all share.


I felt the energy lift from me, grateful in the knowing that they would continue to be held here in this ancient portal where the Mother had found her rise again.🙏🏻


So please remember what we all are holding now, and what is holding us. We do not have to suffer the suffering, but we may be asked to help it release. Hold it with love so that it may be released with love. Drop the boundaries of ownership and let your autonomy fall to its knees in service. Yours, mine, theirs— it is ours. One womb, many hearts. And the Mother we all share is here to help us.


I love you.

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