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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

How do we let go of the past?

Letting go of the past requires us to let go of the self within that story. And to let go of that self, we might need to let go of the self we are today and in all our tomorrows.

When @donmiguelruiz gave me this teaching—that sleep is the closest thing to death—I upleveled my ability to let go. My nighttime ritual became a Puja of preparing myself for that death— cleansing myself not just from my day, but from my Self.

Try it! It is a beautiful practice that will take you so much farther than recapitulation or even forgiveness can bring you… because there is nothing left to forgive. And in that opening, you become pure potential again.

At the very least, give this practice a go for your last night of the year. Prepare yourself for death and then lay you down to rest, disrobed from all that ever was and ever could be. Die to last year so that next year can truly be new.


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