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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

How Big Are You?

In an age where many strive to starve themselves into a smaller jean size, we often underestimate the benefit of our grandness.  The grandness I speak of is not one of physicality, but rather the span of our reach.  Like a stone being tossed into a glassy lake, we each have a radius of impact upon the world and that impact continues beyond the visible ripples at the water’s edge.

I recently learned that the Aspen tree is the largest known organism on our planet.  Each Aspen tree is not one, but many trees inter-connected with a single root system; all sharing the light of the sun and feeding each other as they breathe as one.  

This left me to ponder my own size as an organism.  Where does ‘my’ body begin and end?  Could it be that Humanity has its own unseen root structure through which we breathe and grow as one?

At first glance, it seems clear that our bodies are indeed separate entities, contained by the sleeve of skin.  The trees within an Aspen grove are genetically identical whereas in Human genetics, we are 99.9% identical.  Apparently that .01% is enough to distinguish one human from another.  So much so that each human body recognizes its’ cells as its’ own ‘kind’ and will attack any foreign cells that try to enter, such as in a transplant.

So if we are defining ‘body’ as the skin we’re in, then yes, we are individualized.  But does the skin truly mark the boundary of our body’s reach and what about the 99.9% of our being that ‘speaks’ the same genetic language?

We are constantly sending and receiving energy beyond the bounds of our skin.  Through our senses, we perceive external forces through an internal experience. The senses are like the unseen branches of our body, expanding its reach and bringing the ‘outside’ world inside. Though the source input may begin outside the body, we experience it in our physical matter.

So already we are bigger than the skin we’re in and we have only considered the senses as they relate to noticeable physical input.  Let us venture underground, beyond the realm of ‘physical’ sensory input, and perhaps discover that 99.9% of commonality.

We all have experienced what we may call intuition or instinct – the ability to perceive something without actual evidence of it.  I would argue that there is physical evidence; it is just that our brain’s sensory perception is not tuned in to ‘see’ it.  Much like different cameras are set to record different speeds of light, our brain is tuned to perceive particular inputs.  When we have an intuition, we are perceiving through a greater lens than our trained camera and are thus able to ‘see’ a more expanded spectrum of light – a spectrum that carries energies we do not traditionally name as ‘physical’ such as thoughts and emotions.

Through this greater lens of intuition, we are able to perceive thoughts before they are spoken and emotions before they are unveiled, which again, expands the reach of our body.  It is the 'underground' sense that connects our grove of humanity, but how?

I recall a powerful dream I once had, many moons ago.  I was on an island with a tribe of peoples who could communicate without words.  In silence, I was receiving their instructions which seemed to enter through my heart and radiate understanding throughout my being.  I was keenly aware that they were also receiving my wordless questions as they bubbled up from my heart.  Before I could even form a thought, the message had been transferred.  And after a delightful swim with the dolphins that frequented their island shores, I knew that such communication was possible with all creatures.

I have since discovered that there is a branch of science called neurocardiology which asserts that the heart has its own nervous system, communicating directly with the brain and actually receiving information before the brain does.  This confirms the experience in my dream as well as the connection I feel as a Healer - that true communion is sourced and delivered through the heart.  Mental perception is secondary to heart perception and, when I opt for direct intuition over interpretation, I experience life more authentically.  Instead of boxing life into my limited knowledge, I perceive all that it is, as it is, which is so much greater than my brain alone can grasp.

So what does all this talk of perception have to do with your impact? 

Well, every window of perception is two-way.  We perceive and we are perceived.  Every unspoken thought, emotion, and intent that you have is up for grabs and could be feeding the child next to you.  For despite our individualized physicality, we share an underground connection within our hearts, and like the Aspen trees, can use this connection to share sun light and feed each other.  

The most important gift we can lend to our Grove of Humanity is to admit just how big we are and to embrace it.  Let us no longer linger in the illusion of separation and in the idea that, just because we don’t give an energy a spoken breath, it doesn’t exist.  It does, and though it may travel unseen through the underground roots of our commonality, it is received, perceived and passed along. 

So let us expand our definition of ‘self’ and recognize the reach of our unseen roots, take responsibility for all that we are and consciously feed love and truth into the soil we share.  For though we may stand alone as individuals, we also stand as all one – heart to heart.


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