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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

God & Orgasms: Surrender the Chase

We yearn for the communion. We ache for it with a hunger that denies its tongue. Strangers in our own land, seeking home. Waves cresting, restlessly reaching— devoted to the chase but lost to the shore. But getting lost is the aim—to lose one’s self, to dissolve our edges and widen our gaze—and yet we chase the landing, the finding, and the being found. 

We rattle the cage—this body, this human—and seek to take flight, but our wings are here… in this skin, in this temple of life. It is made of feathers, this “cage”, and beholden to no warden, no lock or key. And if only we turn our sights inward, if only we turn our inside out… freedom will find us. The divine will come home to nest.

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Join me LIVE with my NEW cohost Tatyana Rae, every Tuesday at 7pm pdt on LA Talk Radio and Facebook!

In this show, Tatyana Rae and I explore the membranes that we place between ourselves and the divine, between sexuality and spirituality, between ourselves and another. They are the barriers that keep us from experiencing ourselves as God and, not for nothing, that produce the kind of orgasms that miss the mark of really taking you hOme.

“How much of your experience are you experiencing?” Are you truly available to it? Come home to yourself and there you will find it. The carrot looks juicy but, in truth, it is only an illusion of more— a more that lives right here, in the divine skin you’re in and in the fullness of NOW!

So how do we “surrender the chase”?

...By surrendering to the chase, to the yearning and allowing it to lead us deeper… By giving ourselves permission for pleasure—for divine-given pleasure—and surrendering ourselves to it. When we fully surrender, we turn ourselves inside out— we open to the all of life, to the more of NOW, and arrive to the fullness of our experience.

This is the meditation that spontaneously arose in this episode, and it was more than just an opening of oneself; it was about exposing ourselves in what Tatyana calls Naked Bliss: “May there be Nothing between me and Myself as God.” Come, unzip your skin with us and turn your inside out to the divine that you are.

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