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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Fire Cleansing: The Simple Science of an Ancient Art

Of all the tools Madre Sarita endowed to me, Fire Cleansings are my absolute favorite. They reach into the deepest layers of self, from the physical to the spiritual, and draw out lifetimes of negativity.

In Sarita's mythology, a Limpia de Lumbre was her medicine of choice to address what she called 'magico negro', or 'black magic'. When she saw that one's illness was 'unnatural', meaning that there had been a 'dano' or 'curse' placed upon them, the prescription of a Fire Cleansing was always given. She also used this ancient ritual to clear 'foreign entities' – Spirits that had attached themselves to one's life force, causing illness, addiction, fatigue and even influencing one's choices.

Will the real VooDoo Doll please stand up?  

While I have witnessed the effects of actual Black Magic and I am familiar with energetic visitors, it is unlikely that you need to search out your twin Voodoo Doll. However, you may need to take an inventory of your beliefs, attachments, and especially your shame.

The teachings of Sarita's son, don Miguel Ruiz, show us how we cast spells with our word and with the unspoken energy of our beliefs. He also teaches us to let go of our history that we may live in the full potential of the present moment.  

This is the 'Black Magic' that most of us truly face – the 'curses' that we have placed upon ourselves and the 'entities' of our past with which we possess our present selves. In this way, I most commonly use Fire Cleansings with my clients as their final step in a process of forgiveness, detachment, or clearing unhealthy energies and habits; and whether those energies are imposed, self-inflicted, or inherited, Fire Cleansings are an effective and powerful tool.  

The beauty is that, like all authentic healing practices, Fire Cleansings work according to the laws of nature and thus do not require faith or even awareness (though they come highly recommended). Simply put, Fire Cleansings combine the use of multiple natural elements – herbal smoke, ‘holy’ water, and salt crystals, to name a few, which contain or produce an abundance of negative ions (think thunderstorms and waterfalls). Groupings of negative ions bind to positive ions causing them to fall out of suspension, clearing the air of germs and particulates, and benefiting your body by elevating oxygen levels, regulating serotonin and more!

And this only speaks to the scope of our current scientific understanding (and my simplified explanation of it). Imagine what could exist beyond the reach of our trained lens and within the amplified experience that faith and awareness lend!

FIRE CLEANSING: Part II: Faith in Action

Like a magnifying glass, faith and awareness intensify and focus the energy, producing profound and sustained healing... but how do we wield such a tool as healers and as heal-ees?

It is difficult to describe faith or how it is conjured. For it is like breathing- it just is. Often misconstrued as belief, faith exists autonomously of form or thought. It is the force that gives life to form and thought. It is God. It is the absence of doubt and the ever-present breath of life. It is equally and infinitely available to every human in every moment. Its only master is our free will; our intent.

So really, to have faith, we simply must breathe and be mindful of our intent. Easy peasy. Right? Well, I certainly struggled with it. Here's what I learned...

Our intent is born in our awareness and is redirected as our awareness shifts. When our awareness is rooted in faith, our intent is unhindered and its aim is true. When our awareness is ruled by doubt, our intent becomes diluted and gets lost in a fractured message.

The secret to overriding the doubt lies in our attention.  The doubt can be present, but we don’t have to be ruled by it. We can use our attention to shift our point of awareness at any time. Though our awareness might be of faith and doubt simultaneously, our attention gets to choose its own domain. Place your attention on the faith, and your intent will follow.

Again, easy peasy! Okay, so it did take me years of practice to truly master all of this... but I want you to know that, even when I was riddled with doubt, I was still able to deliver healing to my clients. I say "easy peasy" becasue I don't want you to be persuaded by your own doubt. Do not let it stop you from being a healer. Though doubt may be present, so is your faith, and that is what counts. Keep practicing in spite of your doubt and, in time, you will become a master of intent.

And the beautiful form of this ritual or any ritual will make it easier, for it is the action that carries the faith to fruition. Without action, faith remains as but a dream; a potential. In the act of a ritual, we ground our intent to matter. We create a container; a chrysalis for its continued growth.

For a true healing follows the client home with an organic unraveling and unfolding into the new. In this way, the client's awareness gets to heal along with them which makes for a deep, sustained transformation.


Are you interested in learning the ancient art of Fire Cleansing? Join us in Teotihuacán, Mexico in April 2018 for a Shamanic Healing Practicum where you will learn the potent practice of a Fire Cleansing while undergoing the process yourself.Oooh! Tell me more! 


Read more about Fire Cleansing in Part III, Fire Cleansing: Discovering Immunity, in which I share my personal experience of a Fire Cleansing with Mother Sarita and how it revealed the truth about the spells we cast and catch.

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