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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

The Day of the Dead (which is actually several days) honors death in a most beautiful way. It is believed that the veil between the worlds of spirit and life is lifted, and the souls of the dead can revisit their loved ones. In colorful altars, laden with ofrendas (offerings), we invite the dead to feast, dance and sing with us. Death is an honored guest, and life is the celebration.

For me, there is another honored guest that I bring to my altar— Rebecca. All the different versions of myself that I have lived and each chapter closed within them... I remember her, I celebrate her, and I let her dance within me again. I listen to her stories through the heart of who I am today, reintegrating the gifts of her lessons lived and often finding new ones— the perfection made clear by the hand of time turning the page.

I also invite Death itself to join me... to take from me what needs to pass. For a new tree to grow, a fruit must drop. And so I place upon my altar all that I hold today— my dreams realized and those yet formed, the selves named and the faces unclaimed, my loved ones still living and their assigned roles to play. I release my attachment to them and let them fall away... to seed the life they seek to bear.

I suppose I walk with my ghosts and as a ghost, for a time, here in the world of the living. But by doing so, I become less of a ghost to the days before me. In honoring the deceased, I take their life into me. In recapitulating my past selves, I reintegrate their song. In surrendering today’s self, I open to pure potential. By allowing the exhale of death to move so completely through me, I create space for more... and I re-member myself as an honored guest in this celebration of life.

The Human Heart of the Shaman

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