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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Departure from a Dream

Departure from a Dream

Heart aches

Pain stakes
Another end

That means 
To release
And return again

From sorrow
That borrows
Your breath awhile

And beats
Its drum
For the mercantile

Whose trade winds
Lean in
A kiss for the bride

In the deep
Of Love’s end

With flowers
And firelight
Into Eve’s rising tide

She drifts
Till Night lifts
Its veil from her eyes

Into Dawn.

How are y’all doing? Riding these emotional waves can be tiring... or exhilarating. We can feel broken... or we can break open.

I use this expression often, “breaking open”, and it is the heart of my relationship with emotion. I allow it to wash through, turn me over, break me open, gut me, spill me... out, in, and up again to the light. I catch my breaths where I can but I allow each wave to take me as deep as it wants.

Why? Because emotion is a healing force. Its waves carry us to the shores of new dreams— new dreams that may never have found us if it weren’t for our wails from the deep, if it weren’t for our surrender of what was.

The Solstice and its Cancer full moon brought many waves of emotion for all of us. My invitation to you last week was to empty out, to mourn your “losses”, to let all the deaths of your past year move out of you.

Though I can’t say that this process has found its completion just yet, I do want to remind you all to notice the light in the midst of your mourning... to notice the fullness that rushes into the well your sorrow has carved.

You may feel called to action, to dance in the light as if the darkness is done. But remember, this light is still growing. And the darkness—the emptying, the mourning, the absence—is what harkens its return.

So be patient. Breathe. Don’t skip ahead into the next. Allow the dark and this burgeoning light to dance together awhile. See what their love affair might conceive.

These trade winds are upon us. Let us not use them to barter for our comfort, or to carve a swift path across this ocean journey. Feel the warmth of the Sun in their breath, yes, AND keep exhaling the North Wind’s lament. She will sing until her song is done... until Night lifts its veil from your eyes.

Solstice 2018: Emptying Out
LOOse that Resolution

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