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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Communion-ication ~ Part II

In part, direct communication relies on the messenger’s communion with themselves and with the intent of their own words.

In learning the art of ‘channeling’ with Mother Sarita, I experienced my own words in a way I never thought possible. After raising our vibration through meditation and prayer, we would sit in silence together until she felt the presence of what she called my ‘Spirit Guide’.  At this point, whether I was ready or not, she would command me to speak.

At first, the words felt too small - like the tip of a funnel, narrowing the infinite into a finite and fixed point; and at the sound of my words, knowledge immediately claimed its domain - assessing and editing my message further into constriction. It went on this way for several weeks-- me wrestling with my mind.

One day though, the magic happened. I had fallen into what Sarita called a 'trance' and in this state, my focus was no longer on my words. I stood in the receiving end of that funnel and it widened into a perfect cylindrical channel through which the energy could be delivered directly.

The words no longer felt like a container, but a vehicle. Like seeds dispersed by the wind of my breath, each word was alive and carrying potential, intent, life. And instead of engaging my mind, the words impacted my mind. Like Sarita’s prayers, they illuminated my mind and etched new pathways; they reached through my heart and beckoned me higher; they healed me.

Perhaps the most beautiful gift was that I experienced myself as both the Mother to my words and the child born from them. I wasn’t just delivering the words, I was embodying them. I saw how I create myself through words spoken and unspoken; how I channel myself into each moment like a prayer into the silence of night.  Whether a prayer of love or fear was simply a matter of what frequency my ‘channel’ was tuned to receive and only my hand was on the dial.

I took full responsibility for my word that day - from intent, to delivery, to reception - and became a conscious creator of my life. Though I sometimes forget and fall into the static of miscommunication, I know that only I am the cause of the disconnect. As long as I remember to turn my ears inward and listen as I speak, I can at least deliver myself to myself uninterrupted, and thus become an opening through which my intent stands a much better chance of being truly received by another. After all, how can we expect to be heard if we are unwilling to hear ourselves and, more importantly, what is being created in our absence?

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