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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Call to Action

One important step in manifesting our desire is a simple one — to listen.  Once we have lit our candles and said our prayers, literally or figuratively, we must listen for Life’s answer.  For the answer will inevitably come with a call to action. 

In my last blog post, ‘Crying Prayers’, I spoke to ‘becoming the invitation’ by surrendering to the asking and that, no matter our faith or our desperation, Life is listening.  Lost to my faith, I spoke my prayers with such absolute yearning that I was surprised to find them so assuredly and swiftly answered.  Life had delivered, but what I hadn’t yet shared was the call to action that Life soon presented in return.

The morning after the exalted extubation, my friend was facing yet another battle for his life — his blood pressure had spiked to dangerous levels, threatening his newly grafted arteries and risking stroke; his breath was shallow and rapid, racing to over seventy breaths per minute with oxygen levels dropping and re-intubation looming; and the pain radiating from his cracked sternum came in increasing waves.  

He was drowning.  We each could feel it as I held his hand, eyes closed, pressing through the sound of the monitors for that silent space in which I could listen for guidance.

“Help me.”  The faint sound of my his voice pierced the air and I opened my eyes.
“Help me!”  He repeated in a scratchy weak tone, his eyes beseeching mine.

I could see that he wanted to fight, but he was utterly exhausted. Life was delivering a clear call to action for him alone and yet, part of his call was to ask for help.  I had become the invitation through my ‘crying prayers’ and now it was his turn.

As if fed by my dear friend’s pleas, my body surged with conviction and propelled me into motion.  I moved fluidly without the friction of hesitation, led by my friend’s desire.  This time he was the asking and I had to listen well enough to be the conduit for Life's answer. I gave my mind and body over to whatever action felt called — applying pressure to his chest, rubbing his feet, coaching his breath.  

And the words that came through me were not my own; they were his.  My usual flowery and poetic epithets gave way to his language of faith — jumping rope.  He was ‘Rocky’ and I was ‘Mickey’, counting breaths and pushing him for the fight of his life.  It was the perfect metaphor for one who had always mocked my ‘woo-woo’ ways and who was apparently a secret ‘Rocky’ fan; and though I was oblivious to its significance, there it was coming out of my mouth and even transforming my demeanor.  I became 'Mickey' for him.  That’s what his desire asked for; that was his language of faith.

So I met him there and he met me, with all the fight he had.  Soon, he had mastered his breath and the threat of re-intubation left the room.  His blood pressure stabilized and he was clear of danger.  He had won.

Life’s call to action that day was two-fold — my friend met Life’s call to action, and I met his.  I lent him my hands, my voice, my strength, while he commanded them.  He had become the invitation and it inspired my faith to respond much like Life answering a prayer.  

In my friend’s asking, I could so clearly witness desire as Life’s muse.  I could feel the Life within me rise to fill the asking and my friend’s fight rise along with it.  Through his desire, he was the asking and through his action, he became the answer.  

This is the truth of Life’s call to action — in order to fully manifest our desire, we must answer our own prayer; we must meet Life with action.  It is the action that brings faith manifest, that delivers it into form, that bridges the spiritual to the material

So yes, become the invitation and then listen.  For Life will answer with a call to action.  It may be subtle or undeniable, but it will come.  It could be something that simply clarifies your intent — an action that brings you closer to your true desire.  Or, as in the case of my beloved friend, it may be a challenge you must face — an obstacle to help you find your fight and your allies.  Either way, it is not a test of faith.  It is an opportunity through which your desire and your free will can come together in that magical act of choice.

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