With her blend of shamanic training and her loving, down-to-earth candor, Rebecca embodies the essence of ‘Shaman Sister’. A shaman has the eyes to see into you and the medicine you need. A sister stands by your side without judgment and with the compassion born in the heart of one who has lived it.

Rebecca was called to spirituality in her adolescence as she sought to heal from her history of repeated sexual trauma. At the age of twenty, she received an undeniable calling to step away from her psychology degree and find a spiritual teacher.

This led to a ten-year apprenticeship with a family of Toltec shamans and a profound awakening. Living and working with Madre Sarita and her son, best-selling author don Miguel Ruiz, Rebecca was named as Sarita’s spiritual granddaughter and the one to carry on her lineage. She mastered the ancient healing traditions along with don Miguel’s esoteric teachings, garnering intimate insight into the mind-body-spirit connection.

Certified as a holistic health practitioner
Rebecca opened her private practice in 2001 and has been working as a healer, mentor, and facilitator ever since. Serving clients worldwide, she offers healing, mentoring, workshops and retreats

Rebecca has enjoyed lecturing at several venues including The Ranch, Sierra Tucson, Teton Wellness Festival, The Rape Crisis Center and The Center for Transpersonal Therapy, and was featured in Visionary Insight's Spiritual Leaders of 2018 Directory. You can experience her writing on her blog, Shaman Sister Speaks or in the best-selling book, Dancing in the Unknown, and the newly released, Shamanism in the New Millenium.

Rebecca Laughing

Rebecca offers a non-denominational path that is tailored to speak intimately to one’s current process. She believes that a guide must not hide their own humanity with a mask of the spiritual, but rather promote a marriage of the human with the spirit through an authentic relationship with her clients. For it is Rebecca’s greatest wish that each of her clients may experience a genuine, attainable transformation that is wholly-nourishing and self-sustainable.


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